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T1 Cable and What it is About

Written by:Les Harper

T1 Cable Prices and T1 Cable Information


The T1 cable lines are the high bandwidth Internet connection telephone lines. These lines can handle 24 voice or data channels at 64 kilobits per second, over two twisted pair wires. T1’s bandwidth is about 1.544 megabits per second. These lines are used when you need to handle heavy telephone traffic or you need to handle high speed Internet access for your computer networks. Normally small and medium-sized companies with heavy network traffic use T1 cable  lines. T1 cable lines are capable of sending and receiving very large text files, graphics, sounds, and databases very quickly.


T1 cable is mainly used in North America and Japan. In Europe E1 is used. E1’s capacity is higher than T1.


Twisted copper telephone lines have been the standard for decades. Today that standard is slowly being upgraded to fiber optic lines, capable of broadband digital data transfer speeds that far exceed copper wires. The T1 cable line creates a "pipe" capable of blowing through larger data streams. It can be used for phone service in a commercial building, or for data transfer on a network, providing service up to 60 times faster than a traditional modem. Businesses with several phone lines may save money by getting a dedicated T1 cable Internet line to loop to the place of business from the local phone company office. This can reduce telecom charges and provide high-speed Internet access at the same time. The business is charged for one T1 cable  line, rather than for separate telephone lines. To determine T1 Cable Pricing for the T1 line will depend on the distance of the loop, or the mileage between the telecom and the place of business.


T1 Internet service providers also offer fractional T1. A fractional T1 line is a T1 digital phone line in the North American T-carrier system that is leased to a customer at a fraction of its data-carrying capacity and at a correspondingly lower cost. A T1 line contains 24 channels, each with a data transfer capacity of 64 Kbps. The customer can rent some number of the 24 channels. The transmission method and speed of transfer remain the same. Overhead bits and framing are still used, but the un-rented channels simply contain no data.


Some of the major T1 Internet service providers and their offers –


  • Covad: Larger businesses or users that demand maximum speeds can get the most features and the best available service level agreements from Covad T1 (TeleXtend) service—the industry-leading broadband service choice for your business, with three symmetrical speed options, flexible IP addressing, and a dedicated support team. And Covad always offers a 30-day no-risk satisfaction guarantee with all T1 service. Covad is also providing free professional installation. Priority routing on Covad's network, guaranteed 99.99% monthly uptime, with credits for missed targets.


  • MegaPath: The MegaPath Solution is a business-class internet broadband connection which includes features that support multiple users, Web sites, and customized Web and email addressing. In a recent press release MegaPath states their MegaPath SecureConnect T1 line service is getting more popular with their customers. MegaPath's solution for Full and Fractional T1 includes:
    • T1 connection including local loop. Choose from multiple speeds:
      • 128k x 128k
        256k x 256k
        384k x 384k
        768k x 768k
        1.0M x 1.0M
        1.5M x 1.5M
        3.0M x 3.0M
        4.5M x 4.5M
        6.0M x 6.0M
    • Business-class router
    • 20 hours dial-up service per month
    • 50 email accounts
    • 100 MB of Web space
    • 10 GB/month data transfer for your Web space
    • Domain name server (DNS hosting) for one domain
    • 1 static IP
    • Up to 13 extra static IPs
    • Usenet news server


  • New Edge Networks: For businesses requiring dedicated Internet bandwidth for your critical business transactions, New Edge offers Enterprise T1 with dedicated speed of 1.5Mbps. Our Enterprise T1 service is available in 300 markets with T1 prices starting under $400 (as low as $279!) in 13 major metropolitan markets. Their Business T1 prices are is an affordable, business-class high-speed solution that offers 99.99% guaranteed uptime backed by superior customer service.


For Internet-dependent businesses, dial-up connections are truly outdated. Exchanging data at 30 Kbps via a basic modem on a normal phone line is no longer feasible for businesses. While DSL has largely been the affordable high-speed Internet service solution available to small and home offices as well as corporate branch offices at 192 Kbps, T1 data phone lines offer an even better option at 1.544 Mbps.

We provide a tool to help you ascertain t1 cable prices in real-time from a range of well known t1 cable providers in the USA.

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